Program your products without ‘programming’

The ease and possibilities your customers dream about

As industrial devices improve, their complexity rises. We take away the complexity

As a manufacturer of sophisticated industrial tools, devices or production line equipment, you invest your time and resources in making your products as powerful and versatile as possible.

But are your customers keeping up with the growing complexity of your products? Can they easily access the functionality and unleash the power you have worked so hard to build into your devices?

Modern devices offer increasing ranges of settings, levels and functions, which users can access with so-called chart programming or similar methods. These methods are not only complicated to use, they also have many limitations such as not allowing for conditions of something going wrong (for example when live parameters do not match the expected parameters). Any additions or adjustments outside of a sequence of available steps would require deep knowledge of programming languages.

Let your customers take the control of your product to a new level

  • Super-easy to use
  • Unlimited possibilities offered by modern software – including AI and vision – without any coding
  • Makes your product easy to learn, operate and adapt for new tasks

What’s the secret?

Ready-made software: Building blocks for every eventuality – AI, computer vision, robotics, database, communications, product-specific and many more – to create unlimited combinations of parameters, functions and conditions

Easy-to-use interface: Google Blockly – visual drag-and-drop commands, as used by schools and colleges due to proven simplicity and minimal error-rate

How it works

  • Access Polaris interface from any device (smart phone, tablet or computer)
  • Available online or offline – locally, on the intranet or in the Cloud
  • Connect to other devices to add more possibilities
  • Show Polaris what to do through examples and drag-and-drop commands
  • Pick and mix from our extensive library of ready-made software building blocks
  • Instantly visualize results
  • Test like a pro – step-by-step testing in simulation mode before going ‘live’

Unleash your products’ potential

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