Transform your production with smart technologies

  • Reduce reclamation costs with AI-enabled quality control
  • Increase productivity with collaborative robots
  • Adapt your lines to respond to new challenges

Modern production requires superior quality, efficiency and flexibility to adapt quickly to new customer and market demands. As the demands evolve, these requirements can no longer be fully and reliably achieved without the use of AI – artificial intelligence.

We create AI-powered computer vision solutions to help manufacturers of any size optimize their production and gain a new competitive edge:

Product quality control

  • Visual check of every product or part for damage or defects
  • Detects all anomalies, no matter how small or complex

Assembly process control

  • Check for completeness and accuracy of assembly
  • Interacts with human colleagues by providing clear alerts and instructions

Vision for robots

  • Enabling robots to identify and locate objects, and interact as instructed
  • Easy to use and adapt robots for new tasks

Start seeing results in days

  • Fast ROI: Test your prototype and get real results within days 
  • Collaborative rollout: Together with you, we refine and integrate the solution to achieve maximum performance and scale, taking into account all nuances and needs of your production
  • Easy to use and adapt: Once the implementation is complete, you will be able to – fully and easily – control the solution (without the need for programming expertise), including adding new functionality and connecting to new devices

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