AI-powered machine vision at your fingertips

Have 100% of your products and assembly lines checked

Manufacturers use machine vision for quality and assembly control and for enabling robots to understand the context of what they are processing. Our AI-powered machine vision software offers complete solutions that are:

  • Easy to use and customize
  • Exceptionally accurate and available 24/7/365

Enhance your quality control or give your robots the power to see and understand, with Aurora

  • Start with our baseline application and use for many additional products, product features or line changes, to suit your production needs
  • These adaptations can be easily performed by anyone, without the need for coding or specialist knowledge
  • A combination of machine vision and AI detects and identifies objects or defects, interprets the data as trained and applies your required business logic to perform appropriate actions
  • The solution communicates reliably with your control systems
  • After the initial installation, Aurora becomes your tool to use as required

Typical applications

  • Product quality control – any manufacturing
  • Assembly process control – any production
  • ‘Eyes’ for robots to understand what they see and act as required


  • Image classification and segmentation
  • Object localization
  • Classic image processing
  • Image acquisition from cameras
  • Communication with external systems
  • Business logic based on Blockly

How it works

  • Access Aurora interface from any device (smart phone, tablet or computer)
  • Available online or offline – locally, on the intranet or in the Cloud
  • Connect to other devices to add more possibilities
  • Show Aurora what to do through examples and drag-and-drop commands
  • Pick and mix from our extensive library of ready-made software building blocks
  • Instantly visualize results
  • Test like a pro – step-by-step testing in simulation mode before going ‘live’

Find out what machine vision can do for you

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