Role models for schools

urobots became the 100th startup to register with the “Start-up BW @ School” project. With this project, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs offers schoolchildren an opportunity to experience the exciting world of startups and meet their founding entrepreneurs.

To celebrate the 100th startup, the Minister of Economics Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut invited children from a local high school to meet urobots.

To demonstrate our expertise, we created a robot equipped with computer vision to play Noughts and Crosses. We used our product Aurora to detect position of the game field and game configurations with AI localization (where the game field is) and classification (what symbol is in each cell). The game logic (decision making for the robot – what is the next move) was written using Google Blockly. A simple but reliable pen holder created with a 3D printer completed the robot, which turned out to be impossible to defeat (without cheating :))!