Call for collaboration for students

Our company develops software for industrial applications. Our core competencies are computer vision, machine learning, robotic adaptive control and general programming. Students working with us will learn how to apply the latest achievements in these areas to solve real problems.

Specifically, we are looking for cooperation for the following activities:

  • Analysis of machine learning, computer vision and robotics research and evaluation of their applicability to solving our problems.
  • Design, implement and test prototypes.
  • Development of components for end user applications

We offer:

  • Real-World use cases
  • Real World Records (Images, Videos, 3D Point Clouds)
  • Software tools
  • Hardware (Cameras, Robots, Grippers)
  • Infrastructure (office, version control, internet)

in our work we use:

  • Programming languages: Python, C++
  • Frameworks / libraries: qt, torch, CNTK, numpy, stl, boost
  • IDEs: MS Visual Studio, PyCharm
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux

Knowledge in linear algebra, 3D geometry, calculus, computer vision, machine learning, robotics and programming are welcome!

We are ready to share our own experiences and business secrets with enthusiastic students.

It is also possible to publish scientifically significant results of our collaboration.

Please contact us.